Sea in Salento

Sea of Salento Photo by Franco Mantegani

Salento, real wonder of the Italian peninsula, is a narrow and long bent between the Adriatic and the Ionio characterised by the coasts that are highly evocative and charming.

They show a variety of situations, so different to be a continuous surprise.
Salento is washed on three sides by the sea: Ionic Sea from Taranto coast line to Leuca, Adriatic Sea from Brindisi coast line to Otranto (Punta Palacia to be precise), beyond this city, towards south, it should be still Ionic Sea but a rather deep rooted habit tends to move the border of Adriatic up to Leuca.
However, this is a wrong habit because, studying nautical maps and international conventions, they indicate the border of Ionic Sea exactly up to Otranto.
To experience Salento it is necessary to go along two itineraries starting from Brindisi coast line: the first along the Adriatic coast, towards Otranto that goes on after the Cape where the Adriatic ends and joins the Ionic up to Leuca; the second along the Ionic coast from Santa Maria di Leuca, towards Gallipoli, Nardo Marine, Porto Selvaggio up to Taranto.

So the objective plays a major role in helpful sources deciding.

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