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To give a description in a few words of the Salento is not an easy task. A trivial way could be to quote the three classic “qualities” reiterated by many commercials and songs, meaning “lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu” (sun, sea and wind).
We rather prefer to highlight the 4 elements in Nature: earth, fire, air, water.

Ferrous earth which host ancient olive trees.
Fire, the glowing sun.
Air, the mistral wind, the sirocco and the north wind.
Water, the two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic ones.

Finibus Terrae as the tangent landmark. Imagine the many sandy beaches and cliffs, the clear sea.
Salento is a territory to discover, with great locations where to go and live everything at the most, from the music to the flavours, from the sea to the countryside.
Imagine a fig tree and an olive one, cicadas, the silence of the sunny afternoons, festivals, included holy festivals, the tradition delivered by a great cousine, the pizzica dance, the ancient songs, the squares, the Baroque, the sumptuous palaces, the nightlife: all the fun you can possibly ask for.

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